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:squee: Contest Winners! :squee:
First off... I want to thank you guys who actually participated to this contest! I thought it was going to be a failure, but it wasn't! Thank you:huggle:
and now the winners!
[I am criticizing the entries just a bit. I will tell what I think about it. I will not complain about it, the fact that you drew something for me is more important to than how it actually looks. I am not the best drawer around but don't get mad at me for my opinion for your entry]
First place!
Her Entry:
I was over the top when I saw this! I loved the pose and how she teased me with an almost kiss. I was staring at this for hours until some erotic thoughts came into my mind. She earned extra points by drawing them both, so she defiantly deserved the first place! : D
Your prizes:
50:points: from moi! [Note me about it]
A colored bust drawing from moi! [Note me about it]
A fully
:iconnatsukineko:NatsukiNeko 3 33
Avanna's Artwork Release + Artist Revealed
Hello everyone. We have another big announcement. After a suspenseful wait, Zero-G has announced that Avanna's official artwork will be released this Thursday, November the 8th. The company ran into a few snags with the final design, but luckily they were taken care of with no problems, and the boxart itself will be complete in the next few days.
The artist for Avanna has also been revealed. The Vocaloid producer Aki Glancy, also known as EmpathP (yes I realize I'm the one writing this, just go with it, pretend I'm not here, lol) was commissioned back at the beginning of August by Zero-G to create Avanna's official artwork after sending in a Resume 6 months prior.
The design has gone through several changes since it's initial rough draft. At the end of October, Aki was asked to make one final revision of the artwork based upon requests from Yamaha. However, the artwork is at last completed and Aki will be posting it to her own deviantart account, as well as her pixiv once Zero-G reveal
:iconavanna-fc:Avanna-FC 5 6


The jist of this is, Crypton Future Media is looking for English artists to demo for her. This has many implications. For one, it seems that the Japanese Vocaloid companies are watching how the Crypton Vocaloids fare in the Western World before they reach out to places like America and Europe themselves.

Internet Co. has stated that they will closely watch the success of the English Vocaloid engine and the English Vocaloids before translating or releasing their own Vocaloids in English, such as English Gumi and Gackpo. Also, what rides on this is the translation and future of Vocaloids in Crypton Future Media. If Miku is successful, they will translate their Vocaloids, such as Rin and Len, and they will consider making future English only or bilingual Vocaloids. I would say, Miku also has the greatest shot at making Vocaloid really popular. She already has a large number of fans over here. If Miku makes it big, I'm thinking that people may start taking Vocaloid more seriously. I'm thinking about more concerts, hearing Vocaloids on the radio, the producers getting more recognition, etc. :3 Mechandise, even~

So, there's the basic jist of it. (I originally wrote this on the chat, because I didn't know what to say. Sorry if the format is weird. xD; )

Okay, so if you want to help Miku, and Vocaloid in general, go here! --->…

Your input is greatly appreciated. *Bow* Also, if you don't have a VocaloidOtaku account, feel free to leave your opinions in the comments. I'll try to relay them over to VocaloidOtaku. It would be best if you could post them yourself in your own words however. xD The more posts and the more views this gets, the better!

Note: I'm trying to get this onto Ask-Vocaloid's main page. It won't let me post it there. I already have Len's okay, but it keeps telling me "Due to a connection error, some settings were not saved". And then it doesn't let me post. If anyone can post this on the main page, that would be great.


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Ask-VY3… Just putting the chat here, so I don't lose it. C:

Master: :iconaminutetomidnight:


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